How to choose a Bitcoin Wallet

How to choose a Bitcoin Wallet

If you are interested in obtaining Bitcoins, the first thing you have to do is choose your wallet. There are many different wallets that have many different features. There are wallets that you download to your desktop and wallets that store your Bitcoins online; you can even download mobile Bitcoin wallet apps. With such a wide array of wallets your first decision is deciding what style suits you best.

Regardless of what you hear, the only logic type of wallet to use is a desktop wallet or a downloadable application. Having your Bitcoins stored online is a nightmare waiting to happen. You can be as optimistically faithful in technology as you want to be, but that doesnt eliminate the possibility of bad or stupid people. Your Bitcoins will be at a constant risk if they are kept online, so that eliminates all the wallets in that area making choosing a wallet much easier.

The Bitcoin desktop wallet of choice for Mac users is Hive. Hive is built specifically for Mac so it works seamless with a Mac. Another great aspect to Hive is the integration of apps, so your favorite Bitcoin destinations could be fully integrated with the wallet. This option is more than appealing to most Mac users, but for those that do not use a Mac there is great alternative wallet called Electrum. Electrum can be ran on Windows, iOs, Lenux, or Android and they are known for having exceptionally fast transaction times. Fast transaction time is a feature that many, especially the more tech savvy, are searching for.

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If you want Bitcoins with you all the time, than a mobile app may be the best way to go. The only mobile app that you would really want is Bitcoin Wallet. Unfortunately, Apple users are left out because this is not available in the iPhone app store. If you happen to have an Android or Blackberry, this is a fantastic mobile app. So if taking your Bitcoins with you wherever you go is important to you, than this is the app to get!

There are various wallets out there, there were only a few named here. There is a possibility that the best wallet for you wasnt named but I promise you the best one is not an online wallet. So as long as you steer away from online wallets, it is really a matter of your preferences. Some people want to remain as anonymous as possible when using their wallet and that is something that should certainly be taken into consideration. Some people only care about usability that anything else, so that is how they will do their selection. There are those that use multiple cryptocurrencies and want a wallet that supports both. At any rate, it safe to say that there is a Bitcoin Wallet that will fit your needs if you search for it, so do not let the intimidation of finding the write wallet hold you back from obtaining your first Bitcoins!